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World Telecommunications Day

    World Telecommunications Day praises the consistent advancement of one of the most significant elements of our lives: correspondence. The principle objective of World Telecommunications Day (WTD) is to feature the significance of correspondence and how data traversed the world. It likewise plans to build attention to how critical correspondence is in our lives, and invigorate the advancement of advances in the field.

    The World Telecommunications Day is in tight associations with the International Telegraph Union (ITU), the advisory group framed in 1865 to help the rising specialized techniques for the time. ITU was available all through all the extraordinary leaps forward in correspondence – the development of the phone in 1876, the dispatch of the primary satellite in 1957 and, eventually, the introduction of the Internet during the 60s.

    Despite the fact that The International Telegraph Union has since changed its name to International Telecommunications Union, regardless it remains the most significant element in the field of correspondences, along these lines staying in the spotlight at World Telecommunications Day.